News icon Scholars Speak Podcast: Cassandra Cote Grantham

In the latest episode of the Scholars Speak podcast, host Michele Martin, the 1999 Mitchell Scholar from Scarborough High School, catches up with one of Maine’s most impactful public health leaders: Cassandra Cote Grantham, the 2000 Mitchell Scholar from Falmouth High School. Listen up as Grantham, who earned a bachelor’s in French and Religious Studies at Colby, discusses the mentoring and advice she received throughout her college years that led to earning a master’s in Health Communications at Emerson College, serving as Director of Child Health Programs at MaineHealth, and helping to lead Greater Portland Health as Chief Operating Officer. “The people you meet and the relationships you form are the basis for your personal and professional experience. Find the people who care about you,” Grantham advises Mitchell Scholars. “Find the people who want you to be successful and lean into them.”